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Greek wine is much more than a song by Udo Jürgens!

We are a group of enthusiastic wine drinkers who have had a lot to do with Greece for various private and business reasons - and have learned to love Greek wine in the process.

Of course: the sweet Nemea drop that is available at discount stores is not worth much. But Greek viticulture has so much more to offer. Here, in the cradle of European wine culture, a generation of excellently trained oenologists has set about resurrecting the glorious old legacy over the past few decades. It is not uncommon for innovation and tradition, embodied for example by the rediscovery of autochthonous grape varieties, to come together in a very impressive way. You just have to know where to look.

And that's why there is now this page. We see ourselves as ambassadors for Greek wine. Here the winemakers and their products are to be presented and made accessible to those who are very interested in wine, but do not have the same direct access to Greece as we did with us. We wish you a lot of new knowledge and then hopefully a lot of drinking fun!

Wine Barrels
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